Holiday Message From M2M

Holiday Message From M2M We want to take a moment to touch base with our clients. 2020 has been an unpredictable and difficult year. Here at M2M, we are blessed with the very best clients and we thank each and every one of you for your loyalty and friendship. As…
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Creating the Perfect Fit: The Jacket

Creating the Perfect Fit: The Jacket Made2Measure Process Suits Star Loves Suits There’s nothing better than watching our customers transform into a new person when they put on their finished tailored piece. Here’s a behind-the-seams look at what goes into making that perfectly fitted jacket. The Anticipation Before you arrive,…
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A Guide to Matching Shoes with a Suit

A Guide to Matching Shoes with a Suit Our handy cheat sheet for matching suits and shoes. As experts in custom-made clothing and designs, we’d love to share some of our favourite colour combinations and offer you a cheat sheet to matching your suit colour with your shoe colour. We’ll…
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Style Guide: Australian Wool

Style Guide: Australian Wool What makes Australian wool different from other wools? As the wool industry in Australia continues to thrive, Australian wool has become the country’s largest export, reminding us of an old saying, “Australia rode on the sheep’s back.” In addition to its deep rooted history, Australia provides…
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Why Custom?

Why Custom? Here’s an article we loved so much we decided to share it with you! Huffington Post article in Men’s Fashion:Bespoke And Made-To-Measure Suits.There’s something undeniably attractive about a man in a well custom tailored suit. It tells a story. One in which a true gentleman’s appearance is more…
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Custom Tailored Trench Coats

Custom Tailored Trench Coats There were three kinds of people in the world. We created the fourth. 1. Those who wear a winter coat in the rain. 2. Those who wear their trench coat from the 90’s . 3. Those who choose to get wet. 4. We’re now offering custom…
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What’s In Your Closet?

What’s In Your Closet? Q1. How did you develop your sense of fashion? I think it’s important to distinguish between “fashion” and “style”. I was always expected to dress well by my parents. When I started reading GQ magazine in university I began to become in tune with fashion and…
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