Our Story – M2M Bespoke – Custom Clothing for Men and Women in Toronto

Our Story


We started M2M Bespoke with a singular mission: to fill the void in tailoring. As the tailors of yesteryear retired and passed on, Toronto was left with little tailoring talent and traditions. We aim to offer the same bespoke garments staying true to tradition at affordable prices and convenient shopping.


Thanks to our vertically integrated structure, we control every single step of the process, starting from designing and tailoring up until the delivery to your door.

By cutting the traditional middle man and heavy distribution structure of most clothing brands, we put ourselves in a unique position where we can offer our clients unparalleled value for their custom tailored clothing.


Our focus is to design and tailor clothing that fit perfectly. We take 36 body point measurements and 6 posture measurements used to craft a pattern made specifically and specially for you. All of our suits are designed in house in Toronto. They are handmade using superior cloths and horse tail hair canvas.

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