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Nate was very responsive from the very first contact all the way to subsequent orders.

He understood the context and my current needs very well, with great empathy. He helped me sort through a wide range of options, with invaluable suggestions, and adjusting them to my own personal preferences and feedback.

The delivery that followed was on time and with wonderful quality - all aspects exceeded all my prior experiences over decades, and the fit is unmatched. Best value for sure!


I booked a fitting with Hugo after the long process of finding a tailor that would work with me. Being FTM comes with great challenges when it comes to finding a suit, but Hugo made me feel completely comfortable and took the time to get to know me and what exactly I needed. Once I got the suit I was blown away. I have never had a pair of dress clothes fit me perfectly and allow me to look the way I feel on the outside. I wore the suit to two different weddings so far, and everyone had complimented on how good I look. They definitely go above and beyond.

by Mike Valeriati Blank Business Name

I had scheduled an appointment with Hugo to take measurements for my 8 groomsmen and myself last weekend. He called me early on the morning of the appointment to ask if we could meet with him earlier as his Wife was about to have their first child. I couldn't get over the fact that he was determined to keep the appointment and make it all work. He and his brother Nate provided top notch customer service and I am happy to say he still made it to the hospital with time to spare.

Biggest example of putting the client first that I could ever think of.

Phenomenal clothiers. Perfect fit every time. And excellent service to boot.

by Brian Araujo Blank Business Name

I was recommended to Hugo at made2measure, and Hugo was very patient with me, he made sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. They literally have everything you’d want in a suit or just a good pair of jeans, they do everything.
All measurements were perfect, the quality surpassed my expectations and the best part about Hugo and the M2M team was the customer service from the get go.
I just want to thank Hugo again and I’ll be definitely going back.

Just picked up the suit today and tried it on
It's a perfect suit and the best one i've ever had and probably will ever have unless i get another from the Lichtensteins (M2M bespoke)
They've done an awesome job for me and i'll definitely come back for another piece

Just finished the one and only fitting I needed for a completely customized (down to the last thread) tuxedo for my sister's wedding this summer, and could not be happier with the results! Not only is Hugo an absolute pleasure to work with, but the quality and craftsmanship of everything his team makes is what will keep me coming back... and force me to find more occasions to which I can justify wearing this newly acquired and stunning tux.

Aside from my order being completed ahead of schedule, and not requiring a single alteration, the most important thing I will take away from this experience is that, while there are tons of ways to fold a pair of pants, only Hugo's is correct... and he'll definitely tell you that himself if given the opportunity 😉

From the moment we came in to his no nonsense, business first office, we knew , we were in the right place.. My man Hugo does exactly what he says he’s going to do, and does it well.
He’s confident, he knows his work and he’s damn good at it.
And the suit... is simply the best suit I’ve ever owned. It fits like a glove and looks even better.
These guys got my wedding that’s for sure.
See you in a little bit guys-


by Jonathan Gdanski Blank Business Name

In court today the judge, in front of about 30 lawyers said the following –

I don’t often comment on men’s clothing but Mr. Gdanski that is a very nice suit.

by Luther Kadima Blank Business Name

I just moved across the country to pay 30,000 per year in tuition to be a first-year law student. After moving, tuition, and living expenses, spending more money was the last thing on my mind.

I don’t have parents or scholarships that are making my money situation any easier. But my second-hand thrift store suits just weren’t cutting it anymore. I do not own an article of clothing that is worth more than $100. Nearly all of my clothes come from thrift stores. Sure, this method is cheaper, but the consequences show: the fabric is lower quality, the style is older, it’s not as comfortable/breathable, the fit isn’t perfect (and alterations don’t cut it), and it takes a lot of TIME to pull everything together. However, the end result fits well enough. If that’s where you are in your life right now, I understand. No shame in that.

But know that (for many of us) there is a certain point in your life where you just need to spend the money to get (and wear) something of quality. That’s where Made2Measure (M2M Bespoke) comes in. I’ve worn my Made2Measure suit to 3 events now (approx. 10 hours sitting, standing, walking), and I can absolutely assure that there is a huge difference between “well enough” and M2M quality.

I knew I needed a new set of “work” clothes, and I knew it would cost. I wanted to be thorough in my research and I went in with the mindset of seeking one-time quality over a series of quick-fixes. I looked at all my options and M2M came out on top. Nate says they designed their business model to make the purchase a no-brainer for the client. They succeeded. At the end of the day, I purchased a 3-piece suit with a custom fit dress shirt for 1200.

The options fit into a few categories:
(1)Buy a suit off-the-rack. This is going to Moore’s or something comparable. My research showed I could possibly get a 2 piece for 400 (more likely 700). It will be lower quality. It won’t fit as well. If you want alterations, that’s an extra expense of time and money. I crossed this option off.
(2)I could continue buying thrift store suits. This takes way too long to do. If you have the time to browse brick and mortar stores, great. But I didn’t. Again, the end result won’t fit as well, and unless you know your fabrics (I don’t), you’ll likely get a lower quality fabric. And unless you’re a time traveler, the style will be outdated. Maybe you can pull it off. Maybe. Oh! You’ll also have a hell of time finding a matching 2 piece.
(3)You can order a custom suit (Indochina) or from that startup business of your friend-of-a-friend. End result is that you’re sending your measurements (likely) overseas, waiting X weeks, and getting a suit back. You’re looking at about 500-1000 here. My problem with this option is the lack of a person you can ask for advice and feedback. With M2M, you know you have an expert that is friendly, approachable, and very, very informed about fashion. That’s well worth an extra couple hundred bucks.
(4)You can go high-end. I phoned a few places, and the prices shocked me. I think the cheapest I found was in the low 2k. Well out of my price range.
(5)M2M. These guys stood out above all the others. Allow me to gush about why. The price is good. It’s great. 1200 for a 3 piece and custom shirt is an outrageous deal. It’s a lot of money, yes, but it’s well worth the value. You have excellent customer service. They will come meet you when and where it works for you. They’re available to answer questions and offer advice. The end result is amazing. If you’ve never had a custom suit before, it will feel better than you ever thought possible. I promise.

I first met Hugo and Nate when they came by my school for a free sizing and fabric selection. I worked as a professional before law school, so I’ve seen enough guys in suits to know that Hugo and Nate were dressed well above average. When you choose M2M, you’re choosing a team that wears quality fabric, speaks quality fabric, and understands quality fabric. They immediately won me over with their friendliness and charm. There’s something intimidating and elitist about the stereotypical fashionable people of this world. With M2M, you get that precision of knowledge without any of the snootiness. These are real people that really care about finding the right fit for you and your budget. I never felt pressured.

Nate sized me and gave me a quote. I couldn’t commit on the spot, so I asked for some time to consider my options. I spent 3 months shopping around. Once, Nate politely reached out to ask if I needed anything, but other than that professional courtesy, he didn’t nag or pressure me. I considered all my options and went straight back to M2M. Nate resized me just to double check and helped me finalize the order. The order took 4-6 weeks (I think), but I had told Nate it wasn’t urgent, so that doesn’t matter much. Also, the order took longer because I specifically asked for a vegan suit.

I’m vegan and animal rights are important to me. That includes the clothes I purchase. I explained to Nate that I wouldn’t buy anything with horns, pearls, wool, or horse hair (etc). Nate took that request and ran with it. He and Hugo came up with a fabric blend that is 100% vegan. It looks, feels, and moves excellently. Even Nate is surprised by how well it turned out. I hope more people turn to M2M for their vegan suits.

Oh! And before I forget, I also asked Nate about the working conditions for his workers. He assured me he travels there at least once a year, and stays where the clothes are made. Pay and breaks and lifestyle are generous. Of course, I didn’t physically double-check, but I took Nate’s word on it and I trust him. It’s nice to know that M2M considered their worker’s working conditions.

I’ve worn the suit 3 times. On the upside, the suit is damn comfortable, looks great, and feels amazing. On the downside, it’s all of the above and I want to wear it all the time. If I could afford it, I would wear M2M suits for every event. Before I had worn a custom suit, I did not understand how much better custom feels. It really is awesome.

To speak to Nate’s customer service, I found the pants to be a little tight around the thighs. Nate assured me that the pants were properly measured to my body, but was happy to loosen them if I preferred. It’s March now, and since I bike a lot over spring/summer, I figured my thighs would get bigger anyway, so I asked Nate to loosen the pants. He covered the cost and handled the delivery. It’s been so amazingly convenient and perfect.

So ya. There’s my 1200 word review of why you’re making a huge mistake if you purchase a suit from anyone other than M2M.

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