Creating the Perfect Fit: The Jacket

Made2Measure Process


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There’s nothing better than watching our customers transform into a new person when they put on their finished tailored piece. Here’s a behind-the-seams look at what goes into making that perfectly fitted jacket.

The Anticipation

Before you arrive, we take the time to set everything up for your fitting. With diligent care and attention, we ensure each customer receives a personalized fitting experience.

Getting to Know You

Before we begin, we want to get to know more about you! From your sense of style to your day-to-day. Is this a formal jacket you want to wow guests with at a wedding, or something stylish and comfortable for the office?

Fabric Fun

We have over 3500 fabrics we use to make suits, blazers, pants, shirts, overcoats, tuxedos, trench coats, and more. After we’ve established your sense of style, we will guide you through these fabrics to find the one that’s just right.

Design Details

After establishing the fabric, we can help you envision the style of jacket that’ll be crafted and designed just for you. We also know the devil is in the details: We’ll go over the lining, buttons, threads, and collar felt colours in addition to the embroidery to create your perfect piece.

36 and 6

To guarantee a perfect fit, we take 36 body point measurements and 6 posture point measurements for the most seamless, well-fitting and stylish suit. From the shoulder slope to the curve and angle of your arms to the stoop of one’s body, we take into account absolutely every possible measurement to ensure the most optimal fit. We take all of these measurements at the first fitting – meaning no return visits are necessary! Measure twice, cut once.

Talking to the Tailors

Now your part’s done, but we’re just getting started. We take all the information from the fitting, including pictures of your body, and talk to the pattern makers to strategize the best fit and shape for you.

Personal Pattern

We craft a pattern made just for you, which is one aspect of our bespoke design process, and take great pride in knowing we’ve created something genuinely unique.


It takes a minimum of 40 hours to tailor your jacket. We press it at each stage (did you know there are 6 kinds of presses required to properly make a suit?) and after letting it rest we closely inspect it.

Delivered to Your Door

We hand deliver your piece to your door and finally it’s ready for you to try!

To learn more about our full range of custom made and individually designed clothing, visit our website or contact contact Made2Measure to discuss pricing and options. We offer convenient consultations, one-of-a-kind styles and designs, and delivery upon completion. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for samples of our work and to hear what clients are saying about our luxurious designs.