Style Guide: Australian Wool

What makes Australian wool different from other wools?


As the wool industry in Australia continues to thrive, Australian wool has become the country’s largest export, reminding us of an old saying, “Australia rode on the sheep’s back.”

In addition to its deep rooted history, Australia provides the perfect climate and conditions to raise sheep and to develop pure luxury wools, making it the ideal wool for suit making.

A sheep’s wool is graded using a number system and is measured in microns, a measurement of the thickness of the wool.

To bring you up to speed, here’s a crash course in Australian wool grading:

70s, 80s and 90s: Heavier and thicker – usually rougher to the touch but very durable.

100s, 110s and 120s: Lighter and softer but still durable – also more comfortable to wear. These are the elementary levels where we start our cloths.

130s,140s and 150s: Very luxurious cloths – extremely soft to the touch and little bit delicate however still durable for everyday wear.

160s through the 200s: Extremely delicate and often reserved for very luxurious pieces, almost feels like silk – lightweight but difficult to care for (may wrinkle easily and harder to clean but worth it for the grandiose luxury). Save this one for a special occasion.

Any three digit grade (i.e. 100+): Automatically has the added prefix of Super added – the word ‘Super’ is not a technical term nor is it regulated.

As Bespoke Suitmakers, we primarily use Super 120s – Super 160s for our suits, giving them a luxurious feel and quality – every suit is unique in style and made especially for its buyer.

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