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I’ve been buying custom shirts for years but purchased all my suits from prominent brands and retailers off the rack, thinking the fit was good enough given my average figure. I was introduced to Hugo from a co-worker, and having purchased my first suit from him, I’m confident I won’t be getting suits/blazers off the rack again. Surprising to me was the difference the perfect fit of the pants make. M2M has plenty of fabrics to choose from, the fit is absolutely fantastic, and Hugo provides excellent support and service. Thank you!

After a less than ideal experience walking out of a high-end department store, I serendipitously ran into a friend who had just been married and was raving about Made2Measure.
I got their contact information, gave a call, and the rest is history. Netanel invited me to the store (while also offering to make a house call if easier) to meet and get acquainted.
From the moment we met, it was very clear that Netanel and his staff were dedicated to making my vision a reality. They spoke up only when necessary to voice their professional opinion on how I wanted to build my wedding tux, and otherwise supported me (and encouraged me!) to have a fun time with it. Netanel was incredibly helpful, insightful and respectful from start to finish, and I owe him all the compliments I received on my tux from our guests. I intend to wear it again and again, and will always have him to thank for it. What a phenomenal experience start to finish...made better by solid quality and a very fair price point.

For years I have been buying my clothes from a prominent men's retailer. After trying on my first bespoke suit from M2M, I concluded that I have been paying a premium price for generic service (sales associate more interested in making a sale) and inferior quality (good, but not perfect fit).
A perfect-fitting suit is peerless. Thanks, M2M Bespoke.

I've purchased a couple of suits from M2M in the past and more recently got two shirts. My shirts fit, feel and look great. I generally purchase off-the-rack, but I find that M2M is the only way to get the perfect fit and I will definitely come back again.

Thanks to Hugo and Nate for the excellent service and expertise!

I've purchased a total of 3 suits, 5 dress shirts, 2 belts and 4 pairs of shoes from M2M so far. I was a big skeptic about the whole "made to measure" process having been disappointed by other retailers/tailors in the past. But based on my first order from M2M, I can confidently give you 3 reasons why you SHOULD buy from them AND feel good about your investment in bespoke clothing vs. Off-the-rack.

Reason #1: Hugo.
Part owner, so you know he cares about his reputation, as well as his business. Hugo knows his stuff and made me feel comfortable right from the moment I sat down in his Tycos showroom. He didn't try to "upsell me" or push only high-end fabrics at me; instead he took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for and helped me pick out the colours and fabric that fit my budget and style. I ended up buying more from him, and I can tell you a big part of that is because of how knowledgeable and trustworthy this man is.

Reason #2: Fit > Label
I was big on labels. But discovered an essential truth about men's fashion. From 10 ft out, no one can tell the label of your suit; whether it's designer or not. But they CAN tell when your clothes don't fit. And when you're in the boardroom or giving speeches on stage as often as I do, nobody notices whether you're wearing Armani or Hugo. But they do notice when your jacket's too big, or your pant breaks are too long or short. You want confidence? Start with investing in clothes that fit, right.

Gentlemen (and ladies) - heed my advice; invest in the right fit for your clothes, and give that priority over the label. For me, when I absolutely need it to be just perfect, I'll be coming back to M2M.

Reason #3: Price
I came across M2M by accident. Surfing Yelp and Google, I discovered shops like Garrison, Empire, Indochino, and Harry Rosen (bespoke). I recall being ready to bite the bullet and put down $5K + for a suit, when I happened to stumble upon M2M. I couldn't believe the price: for roughly the same as what I would pay at Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss or private label Harry Rosen (or similar retailers) I could afford a M2M Bespoke suit. And based on the few reviews I saw on google, yelp and this site, I decided to give it a try; given the price difference I didn't have anything to lose.

Gentlemen, the suit I got was great. It fits like a glove. The colour is perfect; and the detailing is so personal and unique to me. And for roughly the same price as high-end retail where I'm limited in my choices, I can't imagine going back to "off-the-rack" for any of my "must-win" clothes. For this price, I'd rather my clothes fit and be personalized just for me.

Based on my experience with Hugo, prioritizing the right fit over designer labels, and the price point - are 3 reasons why I will be coming back for more.and hopefully, are 3 more reasons for you to try them out for yourself.

Excellent service, most detailed and intricate suit I've ever owned for a reasonable price.

by Valter Fernandes Blank Business Name

Great Service and Product from M2M. Beautiful 3pc suit looks great and arrived in a couple of weeks, no alterations required!

by Aaron Cressman Blank Business Name

Best suit I own and at an extremely reasonable price. The fit is perfect and their custom tailoring makes the suit feel unique. They take great pride in their work and it shows. Thanks Hugo!

Netanel, from M2M is great! Very knowledgeable and can walk you through the process if you have never had a bespoke suit before. Attention to detail and quality is incredible and the price is spot on. Very satisfied. Looking forward to getting more done with M2M!

by Pat Denroche Blank Business Name

These folks are great. I've bought two suits from them and love both. Will be getting more in the future. Excellent service and expertise, quick turnaround time, and very strong product. I've received compliments on my suits from partners at my firm. I recommend M2M to every family member and friend that I know is suit shopping, and do to you too, reader!

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